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       Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and Video Monitoring

    Closed circuit television systems provide customers with valuable tools to manage internal and external theft.  Additionally, CCTV allows for remote monitoring to ensure peace of mind while you are away.  A-1 Security can help integrate your CCTV into an existing intrusion alarm, build your own cameral system from the beginning, or upgrade your existing equipment to provide additional features and benefits.

    CCTV is an excellent deterrent to most cases of vandalism and a great management tool to ensure compliance with safety procedures.

    • Digital video recordings provide a permanent record

    • Broad range of cameras, monitors and switchers to meet all types of indoor and outdoor needs.

    • Video components integrate with A-1 Security Intrusion Alarms and/or A-1 access Control Systems for complete, cost-effective and reliable secu rity control.

    • Video can be used as a management tool.

      • Video can be connected to the point-of-sales (POS) systems.  The register receipt will be super-imposed on the video footage to verify what was charged on cash register was what was actually sold.

      • Ensure Customer service by monitoring what goes on while your away

      • Monitor your parking lot and help protect  you employees, customers, residents, or visitors, as well as their vehicles.


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