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    As  3rd generation small business owners ourselves, we appreciate the unique pressures faced by a small business owner and customize plans to meet your needs. 

    A-1 Security commercial alarm systems can be designed to meet the needs of businesses ranging from the small retail shop to the large, multi-tenant office complex. A-1  Security has the people with the experience and the products to deliver a complete system at a realistic cost and keep it performing for years with our trained service organization.  The detection of fire and intrusion is the beginning point for any commercial alarm system.  A-1 Security can install such systems to local code requirements and monitor them in our Central Station.  The additional cost of a system can frequently be offset by a significant reduction in insurance premiums.

    A basic business alarm system can be expanded to include many advanced features which can provide major benefits to the business owner. The reporting of employee openings and closings of the business is a valuable management tool for owners. The failure of a business to open or close at the scheduled time can result in the immediate notification of the owner for appropriate action.

    Secure communication of alarm signals, even in the event of telephone line disruption, is now possible with Long Range Radio technology. A-1 Security uses a sophisticated radio network installed just for this purpose.

    Closed Circuit Television and Video Monitoring

    Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Monitoring

    Access Control and Intrusion Alarms

    Property Managers

    • Commercial Properties - save money by reducing the number of phone lines needed to monitor your fire alarms/sprinklers.

    • Industrial Properties - custom protection including gate access control, CCTV, and perimeter protection.

    • Residential Properties - (Nursing homes, chilcare facilities, apartments) - fire alarm, intercom with door release, CCTV, nurse call systems, and life safety code compliance.

    • Homeowners Associations(HOA) - pool and clubhouse access, surveillance, and burglary alarms.  Safeguard entrances to your subdivision with CCTV recording.

    Warehousing Distribution and Manufacturing facilities

    • Access Control - keeps intruders out of your facilities including biometric readers.

    • CCTV - monitor dangerous or sensitive areas remotely from your network or via the internet.  Showcase your storage or logistics facility to customers via the internet.

    • Fire Alarm Systems - voice evacuation and sprinkler monitoring systems, safeguard your personnel and inventory from fire with our state of the art intelligent addressable fire alarm systems.

    • Intrusion Alarms - multiple partitions, temperature sensors, water sensors that help to protect your control equipment and valuables from equipment failures, and internal or external theft.

    Restaurants, Bars, and Country Clubs

    • CCTV featuring remote viewing for managing your business while you are away.  Point of sale (cash register) interface that superimposes the sale receipt on the image recorded by the camera at that time. 

    • Fire Systems - Code compliance including monitoring, installations, and inspections

    • Intrusion Alarms individual user codes, reports, openings and closings logged which help you manage your business remotely.

    • Temperature Sensors - alert owners to freezer failure, etc..

    Nursing Homes, Apartments, Hotels and Child Care Facilities

    • CCTV - powerful deterrent against vandalism, negligence, or other unlawful activities.

    • Fire Systems Sprinkler monitoring and code compliant life safety systems

    • Intercom systems - allow remote access to gates or lobbies

    Hospitals, Jails, Schools, Military, Police, Governmental and Institutional Facilities

    • CCTV - serve as a witness to all activity being recorded.

    • Fire Systems code compliant sales, design, installations, monitoring, inspections and service of new or existing fire alarm systems.

    • Access Control maintain control of your facility by granting access only to those that need it based on various criteria such as time, day, area, door, or authority level.

    • Biometric Readers - safeguard sensitive information

    • Environmental alarms - save millions of dollars and valuable time in lost research by safeguarding your computer room or refrigeration systems with temperature sensors or water sensor.

    • Intrusion Alarms - protect your facility and your property from intruders.





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